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"The Future of Six Sigma"

Dr. Mikel J Harry Interview by Mike Richman and Dirk Dusharme for Quality Digest Live, 29th July 2011

"Motorola and ASU Endorses Dr. Mikel J. Harry", February 20, 2003

Dr Mikel J Harry's Special message to Sri Lanka, 2016

Sandra Harry's Speaks about The Great Discovery Programme - 4th Generation of Six Sigma at BOTES 2018 

"The Greatest Business Story Ever Told"

Dr. Mikel J Harry Interview by Mike Martinez, Frank Donohue for Lean Freak Show, 17th July 2014

Introduction to The 4th Generation of Six Sigma, The Great Discovery , Nov 22, 2010

Introduction to MindPro by Dr Mikle J Harry,  Jul 22, 2011

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